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How to Handle Active Shooter and Workplace Violence Scenarios 2016 Event.

    Great job Chief Akins!

    Call Bulloch County Sheriff's office for "Active Shooter Scenario" training at your company!



    Thanks to Bulloch Commissioners for the training on "Active Shooter Scenarios" and for sponsoring a great lunch!


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    Member Comments

    What an insightful presentation from Chief Jared Akins regarding how to handle Workplace Violence!  An uncomfortable topic for so many of us to discuss; however, the topic is the reality in all workplaces.  We simply do not know when these events may occur.  Chief Akins did a phenominal presentation regarding what our law enforcement officers are challenged with, when walking into a building or on to a property where there is a potentially violent incident about to occur, or already has occurred.  Many thanks to Statesboro Area SHRM for allowing our members and guests to listen to training techniques, preparedness in the workplace, etc. should such an incident occur.

    Sincere thanks to the many men and women in law enforcement who protect our businesses, homes and families.  This was such an informative seminar.