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Workers' Compensation The Nuts and Bolts Highlights.

    The Highlights     

    The event on June 15th on Workers Compensation was a life saving seminar on the importance of having the right type of Panel of Physicians. The selection process is crucial whenever creating a Panel of Physicians as Buck Burriss impressed upon the crowd. Secondly it is vital to create an efficient set of Post Accident Investigation documentation. Final an accurate Job Description is the first line of defense in any Workers Compensation issue.


    Member Comments

    Ultimately, when any employee has an injury in the workplace while working, the employer is the "first responder" in gathering the data as to "who, what, where, when why and how".  Mr. Buriss provided a great overview on the the employer's responsibility and follow-up, both at the time of the incident and any further medical needs.  Georgia State Laws take precidinet over Federal guidlelines in some areas, so it is imperative to know both.  Great job, Buck! And many thanks for the packet of information that included state forms, as well as the guidelines necessary to remain compliant.  It was a wonderful, fact-filled seminar.  An additional thanks to all of the attendees who activily participated in June's seminar. It was very interactive, which always enhances the event.

    Happy summer!  See you in August.

    Best regards,

    Deb Weidman, SPHR, SHRM-SCP  SASHRM-Secretary